This is something that most of us experience. We let the past dictate our present choices, and we let thoughts of the future scare us into NOT doing the things we want to do. As much passion and dedication, we have to do something, it’s like the present moment doesn’t exist.

For almost 20 years I have had an interest in personal growth. It all started with purchasing my first Anthony Robbins – Personal Power II collection and then subscribing to his monthly Power Talk tapes, it started to shape my mind and made me really believe that we can achieve what we really want in life. I really began to dig deep into it the last 10 years… I had read books and listened to countless audios but it wasn’t until early in the year when I went to a Holistic Wellbeing Spiritual Fair with my wife, that I had something click.

We were sitting in a room with some speakers. They were teachers of The Law Of Attraction and were also Psychic Readers. They would choose people from around the room and bring them messages from loved ones. Give them guidance from the other side. I really enjoyed listening to them talk to the crowd and to individuals… I’m not someone who practises the spiritual side, but I do enjoy meditating and I really believe that people have that gift.

It wasn’t until they pointed to me, and asked me if I was open to being approached. I kind of thought to myself, “this will be interesting”.

Well, they didn’t have any messages for me from the other side. This guy didn’t give me any future predictions or psychic readings… He just said, “I can see you always looking for the door”. I was a little confused, but he went on to say, You are searching for something but you can’t stay in one place long enough. You aren’t enjoying the journey, so you are looking for a door to get out and find the new thing.


I realised that he had a point. If I found something and I didn’t see results right away, I would move to something else… constantly looking for fast results, thinking of past failures and NEVER WANTING TO RISK THAT HAPPENING AGAIN. Also, looking to the future and thinking “what if this doesn’t work… what if that doesn’t work” … I wasn’t enjoying the challenges. I wasn’t going for the ups and downs. I didn’t see those as part of the ride.

Yeah, I read enough books about the biggest success stories and their failures. For some reason, the failures didn’t stick in my mind as part of the path to success. I only retained the success part… I only wanted the highlights!

I wasn’t interested in the fun of starting a business and watching it grow… I was only seeing the end result in my vision… THE SUCCESS! If success wasn’t in sight, I found myself following the next moment… and the one after that. And so on it went, living towards the future. Without realising it, the future was always more important to me. Getting to the end was my target.

Waiting for the future to come put a lot of stress on me. Even until recently, I thought I had my Journey under control, but I still had a little worry about past failures and how they haunt me. Mostly, I would look towards the future and wonder what would happen or how I would manage a situation if it came up… That held me back a lot.

I now have a full understanding that the only way to get to that future goal is to live in the present. Focus on the NOW.

Do whatever it takes to move forward as of TODAY. Tomorrow is another day… I focus on the present day and I give it my full attention, knowing that everything I do now, will shape the future. I still have goals, and I still evaluate the future to make sure I am on track, but I use that as my path. It is where I’m going and I know that I will get there step-by-step.

The journey is my primary focus… the destination has become secondary. All we have to do is decide on a direction and start moving in that direction. What you do today, as long as you have given it your best, then tomorrow, will be a continuation.

Do Your Best Today, and you will realise that tomorrow will again arrive as “This Moment”… The continuation of the efforts you make today.

If you can just let go of so-called future analysing thoughts, your days will become better. You’ll have more clarity and won’t feel as much pressure. You’ll even find that there won’t be so much desperation in your work and notice a calmer communication because you would realise that your only goal today and every day is to help people. Don’t worry about whether you resonate with someone or not, as long as your message is clear. You just need to be yourself and be genuine and you’ll realise that you don’t have to please everyone… those who want change and those who have the same ambitions and goals as you do will be drawn you and your message. Those are the people that you want to connect with anyway right? You are not here to change people who are happy in life. Also, people with a pessimistic outlook may not be ready for your help… they have to be ready and prepared to let go of that way of living before you are able to effectively able to help. Stay focused on helping those who are ready to be helped. There is a lot of them out there and they will appreciate you more.

As soon as I find this guy who made me realise that I don’t need to look for the door, or look for the easier options, I will thank him and tell him just how much that one thing made me evaluate how I do things. I am far more enjoying this journey now even though it’s not easy, it feels easier because I’m enjoying the scenery day by day as I help people and understanding more about myself as I go along the journey.


I have to give a lot of credit to a book I have read called The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle. This book guided me towards day-to-day living, stressing the importance of living in the present moment and avoiding thoughts of the past or future.

Also, another large part of this is due to the mentors I had and have now, and the community I work closely with. It can take a few times to hear something before it really sinks in, but their message and their training is clear.